Terms and Conditions for glamping guests

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These are also included in the online booking process and you can email us if you'd like an easy-to-print copy.

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One of the lovely Luxury Texts at the Secret Meadows Glamping site


Secret Meadows handles bookings from persons over 18 years of age (and over 21 years of age for all-adult groups). We reserve the right, without giving reasons, to refuse a booking. When you submit your booking through the online reservation system you will receive an automated booking summary e-mail, to the e-mail address provided.  Please check the e-mail for any errors.  The automated e-mail does not form a contract between you and Secret Meadows.  A contract will be formed when Secret Meadows sends you a booking confirmation letter via e-mail or post.  Any issues must always be notified by email or telephone within 7 days following the receipt of the booking confirmation letter or before the start of your stay if that occurs within 7 days.

Group/All-Adult Bookings

Secret Meadows has the right to refuse group* or all-adult** bookings if we feel that this may be of detriment to other guests staying at White House Farm.  Hen parties and all-adult groups are only accepted on specified weekends as well as midweek slots outside of school holidays if our Site Regulations (including noise policy) are agreed to or all of the accommodation is booked for the group. The weekends when hen parties and all-adult groups are accepted are listed on the Prices & Availability page at www.secretmeadows.co.uk .  We do not allow stag parties.  Family-only*** weekends apply at other times during the season.  If you have any queries regarding group bookings please call Secret Meadows at 01394 382992.


*’Group’ booking means more than one accommodation unit for a family/friends group.  

**’All-adult’ booking means more than one couple in an accommodation unit.


***Family-only booking means parents with children aged up to 18 years old in each accommodation unit booked.  We can occasionally make an exception to this policy by allowing a family with grandparents/parents and children over 18 years old in each accommodation unit. This at the discretion of Secret Meadows and there needs to be children with parents/grandparents in each unit to be considered a family booking.


Site Regulations

In order to make the stay at White House Farm as pleasant as possible for everyone, all guests must keep to rules of behaviour listed here, behaving in a considerate and safe manner to all people and animals onsite. 


i. Noise Policy: To respect fellow glampers and the family-friendly nature of Secret Meadows we ask that there are no high noise levels after 9.00 p.m. with noise to stop by 10 p.m.  We do not allow amplified music or drumming (this applies to all bookings including full site).


ii. Kadai fire-bowls must be kept within the designated areas and at a minimum of 4 metres from your accommodation.  Only seasoned or kiln-dried wood purchased from the Wood Store or brought in by guests can be used for wood burning cookers/Kadai fire-bowls.  Please do not collect any wood from the nature reserve for burning.  Do not use pots, pans or kettles on the Kadai.


iii. Please do not smoke inside the tents or on the decking or woodchip area, due to the fire risk.  As part of fire safety, cigarette butts must be disposed of in the ash bin in the accommodation or in the metal bucket at the car park bin area.


iv. Fireworks and sky lanterns are not allowed as they pose a risk of fire and are a danger to livestock.


v. To help protect the environment and wildlife, please do not use glitter or confetti at the site.


vi. Countryside Code: We hope you love the natural environment as much as we do!  We ask that you consider the Countryside Code including the following:

Leave gates as you find them, closing a gate if found closed.

Keep to public footpaths when not on the nature reserve.

Do not walk across crops (this includes long grass) or pick wildflowers at the nature reserve.

Leave no trace on the land.  We provide a variety of bins in your accommodation and at the car park.


If the Site Regulations are breached, in serious circumstances, we may ask you to terminate your stay without a refund. Secret Meadows reserves the right to make alterations to the set-up and opening hours of the facilities and supplies on the farm. Please note that essential maintenance activities may be carried out at the wildlife site or to accommodation during your stay without you being entitled to any compensation.


Security Deposit
A group booking security deposit of £50 per accommodation unit is added after a group booking is received (when more than one accommodation unit is booked for a family / friends group and to all adult bookings exceeding one couple).  The security deposit is payable with the balance payment. We aim to refund security deposits within ten working days of guests’ departure. It can take longer if deductions are involved for repairs or replacements. The security deposit is to cover any costs to Secret Meadows for damage or breakages and for extra cleaning required after a stay.  Security deposit refunds are made by bank transfer, and guests are reminded that we will need their bank details in order to make the refund.

Damages, breakages and cleaning
For damages or breakages: Guests are advised to check the accommodation unit/s for any damages or breakages found at the beginning of their stay and to inform Secret Meadows of any that they find. Please let us know if anything gets broken so we can replace it for our next guest. We will only charge for replacements in exceptional circumstances, as we expect a degree of wear and tear.  If damage is directly attributable to the guest, then we reserve the right to request payment towards costs of repair/replacement.  Secret Meadows reserves the right to deduct this payment from your security deposit or invoice guests following their stay.
For extra cleaning: Guests are reminded that they must leave the property in the same condition as when they arrived, remove all food items and personal belongings and follow Secret Meadows’ instructions about where to place rubbish etc. and return any moved inventory items to each accommodation unit or they may be liable for extra cleaning costs. If the accommodation unit is not left in an acceptable condition and Secret Meadows has to carry out extra cleaning above and beyond what they would normally expect this will be charged at £15 per individual staff hour.  Secret Meadows reserves the right to deduct this payment from your security deposit or invoice guests following their stay.


Lost Property Returns
For lost property returns, Secret Meadows charges £10 for small items and £15 for large or valuable items towards staff costs for travelling to a Post Office, postage and packaging.
Included in the accommodation price: rental of accommodation unit/s booked, access to designated areas of White House Farm, water, daily allowance of wood provided in accommodation (one bag of wood per night stay).  NOT included in the accommodation price: rubbish collection (rubbish sacks should be left in the refuse area), stripping beds, washing up of all used kitchenware, firewood for firepits, firewood for wood-burning stoves above daily allowance.
The prices on the Secret Meadows website are not binding and Secret Meadows reserves the right to modify these prices. The price stated on the booking confirmation letter (sent after automated booking summary) is binding. Special offers and/or discounts cannot be used after you have booked your stay.
Payments & Cancellations
i. Deposits (30%) made by card payment are due immediately upon booking.
ii. Deposits (30%) made by bank transfer are due within 24 hours of making a booking. 
iii. Deposits (30%) made by cheque must be received by Secret Meadows within 7 days of making a booking.
Full payment must be made according to timings detailed above (i, ii or iii) if you make a booking within 10 weeks before the start date of your holiday.
Secret Meadows will send you a reminder of any outstanding balance approx.12 weeks before the start date of your holiday.  If balances have not been paid within 14 days after the date of the reminder letter, Secret Meadows is entitled to unilaterally annul the agreement and retain the 30% deposit as cancellation compensation. 
Cancellation Policy Guests cancellation

i. In the event of a cancellation more than 10 weeks before the commencement of the stay, 30% of the rental amount will be payable with a minimum of £150.
ii. In the event of cancellation less than 10 weeks before the start of the stay, the full booking amount will be payable.
iii. If your stay is terminated early, the entire booking amount is payable.

iv, It is a condition of your booking that you obtain appropriate travel insurance for all members of your group. This should ideally cover illness, cancellation and injuries during your stay. 

v. We recommend that you have comprehensive travel insurance and that you take out a policy which covers you in the event of cancellation.  Your coverage in the event of Coronavirus-related issues will depend on your insurer. Please contact them if you have questions.



If we need to change or cancel your booking

i. We do not expect to have to make changes to your booking, however sometimes problems happen, and bookings have to be changed or cancelled. Secret Meadows has the right to do so. We may need to change or cancel your booking:

i.a.. if necessary to perform or complete essential remedial or refurbishment works; or

i.b. for other reasons unforeseen at the time you made your booking which are beyond our reasonable control. This may include occasions where the accommodation becomes inaccessible due to a Meteorological Office Severe Weather Warning or other unforeseen event; or

i.c. in the unlikely event that a mistake is made.


ii. If we do need to change or cancel your booking for the reason set out in Section i.a, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative booking. If we are not able to offer you a suitable alternative, or if you do not accept the alternative we offer, the booking will be deemed cancelled and we will refund you the total amount you have paid us for the booking.

iii. If we do need to change or cancel your booking in line with i.b, because it becomes impossible to deliver the booking due to unforeseen events beyond our reasonable control, we’ll do our best to offer you a suitable alternative booking for either the same dates or alternative dates. If you don’t accept the alternative we offer, the booking will be deemed cancelled and no refund of any amounts paid will be offered.

iv. If we need to change or cancel the booking for any other reason, including that a mistake was made, you may choose to: (i) accept alternative accommodation if it is available and you will have to pay any difference in price if the cost of the new accommodation is higher or be reimbursed the difference if the cost of the new accommodation is lower; (ii) request a voucher with a redemption value equal to the amount previously paid by you for the booking – the voucher terms and conditions will be available before you make your choice under this clause; or (iii) obtain a refund of the amount already paid by you for the booking. 14.2. We will contact you to inform you of these options.

v. We strongly advise that you obtain appropriate travel insurance for all members of your group. This should ideally cover loss of baggage and personal accident.

Making Alterations
If you decide to make a major change to your booking we may charge a fee.  We are not obliged to make any changes to the holiday after the booking has been confirmed, unless you wish to add packages to your holiday, subject to availability, add a booking, or move your holiday to a more expensive period. 
Arrival and Departure
You have access to your accommodation from 4.00 pm on the day of arrival unless you have booked an early arrival which is from 2.00 p.m. On the day of departure you must vacate your accommodation by 10.00 am, leaving your accommodation clean and tidy.
Please note that the advised check-in time is between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.  The check-in times are for your own interest to allow you time to unload your luggage and be shown the accommodation before dark.  Should you be unavoidably delayed, please contact Secret Meadows at the numbers listed in the Welcome Pack and the travel directions.  A late fee may be applied to late arrivals.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at Secret Meadows throughout the glamping season at all accommodation units. We allow up to 1 large dog or 2 small/medium dogs per accommodation except for the Horsebox Hideaway where we only allow 1 small dog.  As part of the nature reserve policy and to protect the free-range farm animals, dogs are not permitted on the nature trails or nature reserve beyond the glamping site and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, except when they are in the enclosed Dog Park, or kept close by when outside and under no circumstances be allowed to chase animals.  Please don’t leave your dog unattended at any point. Dogs are permitted on the public footpath through Spider’s Wood and the immediate glamping area.  The public footpath leads onto a neighbouring estate with old parkland and fields to explore (as shown on the nature reserve/footpath map).  We kindly ask that any muddy paws are washed before allowing your dog into your accommodation and that you ensure your dog stays off the furniture, especially the beds and sofa. Please clean up after your dog (with any waste put in a bag and added to the general waste bin provided).  We charge a £29 supplement per dog, and supply a basket, towel and bowls.  Secret Meadows reserves the right to request that you terminate your holiday if you do not abide by the terms and conditions set out here or if your dog is deemed dangerous to people and/or animals.


Hot Tub

The wood-fired hot tub is a private hot tub which comes with ‘Luxury Lodge Tent with Hot Tub’ listed separately in the booking system.  We have a poster displayed near the hot tub which lists the safety policy which must be adhered to when using the hot tub.  Hot tub safety includes the following:

  • Use safety straps on the lid when the hot tub is not in use
  • Not suitable for children under 5 years old
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • If you feel unwell be sure to leave the tub
  • Anyone with medical conditions should check safety first
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before/during use of tub
  • Use the gauntlets provided when adding wood to the wood burner
  • Check water temperature before getting in hot tub


If you have booked the hot tub tent, you may use the private hot tub throughout your stay unless we advise a break is required following application of water treatments.  Hot tub hygiene requires all users to have a shower before getting into the tub and to not add any products to the water. If the hot tub safety and hygiene advice is not followed, we may need to ask you to stop using the hot tub.  We provide a large starter supply of wood which usually lasts for the duration of a holiday but you may need to purchase more wood from the wood store onsite.


Secret Meadows and White House Farm accept no liability for:
i.  theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay at White House Farm.
ii. any defect or out of action equipment and loss or closure of supplies at White House Farm.

Guests are responsible for any losses and/or damage which occurs as a direct or an indirect consequence of their stay, irrespective of whether any losses and/or damages are caused by themselves or by third parties who are at White House Farm. 
If you leave your tent in an inappropriate condition, additional costs can be charged to you.
Force Majeure
Secret Meadows cannot be held liable if, through Force Majeure, the implementation of the agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of Secret Meadows, including threat of war, blockades, fire, floods, staff strikes, and other disruptions or events.
Complaints Procedure
We take great care to ensure you have an enjoyable stay at White House Farm however if you have a complaint during your stay please contact the site manager as soon as possible.  If a genuine complaint is not settled to your satisfaction, then you can write to Secret Meadows within 14 days of your departure.  

You will be staying at a farm with animals and potentially dangerous farm equipment amongst other hazards. Also please be aware that some of the guest equipment, including the BBQs, gas stoves and wood burning ranges may be dangerous if misused. Secret Meadows is not responsible for accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law). Children must be supervised at all times.  We recommend you take out travel insurance against the risk of accidents and your stay being terminated early.
Day Visitors
You can have day visitors during your stay but you must inform the site manager. Day visitors are not permitted to stay overnight.
Your contract partner is Secret Meadows Ltd. We are not bound by any printing errors.



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